all hail to the Swan Queen sweater bringing those two closer than ever!


The Good Wife | 6.2

"How did you not lose hope?""I did lose hope…"

"How did you not lose hope?"
"I did lose hope…"

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like that night u went out driving and still talking to me? XDDDDD

Why not? :p

"Regina… I know you’re in there"

Emma tracked down Regina at her house, where Regina was on the floor crying like her heart was broken, and Emma vowed that Regina will have a happy ending; as Savior, Emma will make SURE Regina gets her happy ending, and holy SHIT if Regina or Emma were a male character this would be all over mainstream entertainment news as like the most romantic scene in OUAT history if not ABC history. I mean, come on.
Lily Sparks 4.01 (via fuckyeahxanthe)

…or are you unforgiven, too?