AU: Emma watches Regina kiss Robin. house md style

"People do crazy things when they’re in love."
— H.G. Wells to Myka Bering, 3.12 (via incorrectwarehouse13quotes)

the black sisters | wartime



No but consider

Melinda joining SHIELD against her mother’s wishes because of this loudmouth, six feet tall, cocksure agent she meets in Hong Kong after she saves her ass from an op that went sour

Victoria Hand falling in love at first sight with the beautiful woman she thinks is a damsel in distress until she shoots two of her captors without blinking

Melinda May and Victoria Hand being with each other despite every obstacle and everything in their way because they’re just so in love that they get unofficially married by a local priest on a post-mission bender  in Monaco one night and never regret it

fuck consider I want the 50k fanfic detailing them going from allies to someone the other one trusts implicitly to needing each other, to not wanting to live in a world where the other one doesn’t exist. I want to see the snark and the banter and the sizing up and how it slowly turns into silent communication and gentle understanding and then no words at all because the words don’t need to be said that’s what the glances and the touches are for, when they speak with silent tongues and seeking hands and the desperate friction of flesh while they’re still bleeding but so very alive…

   favourite once upon a time moments: 3.18 bleeding through

Red apples are so sickly sweet, don’t you think?

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